Towards a Regional Circular Economy for Plastics and Bio-based Alternatives in Augsburg!

Plastic is ubiquitous. Increasing volumes of plastic waste are a challenge at regional level as well as on a global scale. To face this challenge, European initiatives such as the “Green Deal” or new national legislations (e.g. the German Packaging Law) focus on waste prevention towards more circularity. This creates various opportunities for urban-rural partnerships, e.g. for bio-based business models or a regional circular economy, which at the same time bear positive impacts on land management. In order to identify suitable solutions for the exemplary region of Augsburg, a consortium of ten stakeholders from public institutions, academia and companies have teamed up in the reGIOcycle project.

reGIOcycle aims at the prevention of plastic waste and the substitution of plastics with bio-based materials as well as sustainable recycling practices. In order to reach this goal, the consortium will develop and implement a regional circular economy model in the City of Augsburg and its surrounding districts, creating an urban-rural network of stakeholders from municipalities, universities, companies and civil society.

The project’s main result will be a roadmap containing guidelines for the realization of a regional circular economy model. This model will also be designed for transferability not only to further product groups, but also to other regions.

Project Consortium

Project Coordination

  • Umweltcluster Bayern


Project Partners

  • Difu Deutsches Institut für Urbanistik gGmbH
  • Fraunhofer IWKS
  • Landpack GmbH
  • Stadt Augsburg und Abfallwirtschafts- und Stadtreinigungsbetrieb der Stadt Augsburg
  • Universität Augsburg – Institut für Materials Resource Management und Resource Lab
  • Universität Stuttgart – Institut für Kunststofftechnik


Associated partners

  • AVA Abfallverwertung Augsburg KU
  • Landkreis Aichach-Friedberg
  • Landkreis Augsburg
  • Regio Augsburg Wirtschaft GmbH
  • Technologie- und Förderzentrum im Kompetenzzentrum für Nachwachsende Rohstoffe (TFZ)

Project duration


Funded by

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Project Manager

Laura Jantz-Klinkner